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Gratitude, A Warm Welcome and Holiday Greetings

Gratitude, A Warm Welcome and Holiday Greetings

Honouring our 2023 Class Parents
On Wednesday, the School hosted a Morning Tea for the 2023 Class Parents at Middle Cove. Our Class Parents hold such a key role in supporting the needs and expectations of both the parents of a particular year group and the School in creating a positive and supportive environment for students, teachers and the community. This year, our Class Parents have worked tirelessly to support social cohesion between parents, to encourage and mobilise them to engage with class activities, school happenings and GPA hosted events. They have enjoyed their roles immensely and are keen to pass on their wisdom and support to the 2024 Class Parent recruits when the time comes. On behalf of the entire Glenaeon community, I want to offer my sincere thank-you to each of you for your hard work and dedication this year; we are very grateful!

Little Kindy | Gum Blossom - Charlotte Fayle

KindyWaratah - Rebecca Vagg

Kindy | Wattle - Nicola Price

Class 1 - Sylvia Robinson, Maria Snell

Class 2Alexander Pampel, Amanda Jones 

Class 3Vincent Chang, Nick Van-Bell 

Class 4Sahar Manesh, Lisa Taylor 

Class 5Mimi ButlerBodhi Fataar 

Class 6Deahne Moore, Sou Fun Ewins

Yr 7Peter Miles, Giuselle Chu Vargas

Yr 8Nicki Pittorino 

Yr 9Sabine Simmonds, Angela Lakkis, Holly Gibbons, Miranda Carter, Dawn Piebenga

Yr 10Sharne Fielder 

Yr 11 - Michelle Cabena, Holly Gibbons, Susanne Karlowatz 

Yr 12Anna Street, Julia Petkovich 

Head of PDHPE
It gives me great pleasure to let you all know that we have appointed our new Head of PDHPE, Adrian Carter. Adrian is currently at Redlands, where he has worked for the past 10 years in a variety of PDHPE related roles, including most recently, as P-6 PDHPE teacher and Junior School Sports Coordinator. Adrian is an experienced Coordinator of Co-curricular programs, including Duke of Edinburgh. He is also the father of two Glenaeon students and will be well-known to a number of you.

Adrian brings not only a host of role-related experience, but also, an understanding of Steiner education and of our current context. He is keen to build on the program so ably developed and nurtured by Jonas Stoebe, and to also putting his own stamp on Physical Education, the Personal Development and Health program and how it relates to the wellbeing of children, and to Sport more broadly. He is warm, honest and open to the new possibilities that this role will bring, for himself, and for the School.

We very much look forward to welcoming Adrian warmly to the Glenaeon community in 2024. 

Carol Service
Our final whole of school event for the year takes place on Monday evening at the Pitt Street Uniting Church in the city. A truly magical way to celebrate the conclusion of another school year and herald in the Christmas and holiday season. I look forward to seeing you there.

Diana Drummond
Head of School 

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